Brenda Certner Designs

BCD Services

The scope of services rendered involves several stages of the project from the initial meeting to the final photo shoot. The services provided can include kitchen and bath renovations, reconfiguration of the interior space, additions, architectural detailing, and custom products such as built in cabinetry, lighting, furniture, and carpeting. From exclusive designed items to non-custom furnishings, the quality of design remains the same. Since client relationships tend to be lasting, design continuity allows for items to be relocated from their original intention and move to the second home, or smaller dwelling without compromise.

Short Term Services

  • Consultations to new homeowners to assist with priorities, layouts, resources, and costs.
  • Consultations to homeowners looking to put their house on the market. Assisting with what changes to make and how to show the home to its best advantage and increase its original value.
  • Consultation to assist "Empty Nesters" discern the items to be left behind and those to be moved and where they will be placed when delivered.
  • Consultation from the design perspective whether to add onto the home, redistribute the space or sell, based on the expectations.
  • Assistance in the selection process when building a house with regard to overall continuity, quality, colors, materials and builders "options". Someone on your side in weeding through the technicalities and industry terminology.

Services to Realtors

  • Staging for more profitable and expedient sale.
  • Consultation to evaluate whether the home considered can ultimately meet the client's needs with minor changes.
  • Seminars focusing on design, real estate, and financing with regard to how they impact on the value of the home in question.