Brenda Certner Designs

About Brenda Certner

Brenda Certner grew up in a small town 20 minutes outside of New York City. Exposure to her parentís passion for fashion, art, architecture and the performing arts, she came to her true calling - interior design.

She studied art at the University of Cincinnati while apprenticing to the President of Griewe Interiors. It was a high end design company with in-house-custom workrooms for drapery, upholstery, cabinetry, and painting. Projects were designed, warehoused and installed in their entirety. This method allowed for total emersion and refined her ability to see the space right down to its smallest detail.

Brenda earned her second degree in Interior Design graduating Suma Cum Laude from the Mt. Vernon Campus of George Washington University. She won three awards for outstanding achievement. As a student she served on the Alter Guild of the Washington Cathedral designing special floral arrangements and refurbished the Alter Guild Offices in the Cathedral.

During her child rearing years, she developed an extensive collection of antique ribbons, lace, glass beads, and antique textile flowers. Utilizing these materials into wall art, she caught the interest of several buyers who featured the work and her at a special showing both at Neiman Marcus, and Saks Fifth Avenue.

Brenda returned to her love for interior design full time when her daughters were finishing high school.

About the Company

Brenda Certner Designs has been doing business in the Maryland, Virginia, and D.C. area since 1987. While the primary focus has been in Residential Design, there have been numerous Commercial Design projects from a beauty shop to the complete refurbishment of several condominium buildings in the tri-state area.

Brenda Certner Designs has custom designed and manufactured lighting, furniture, and carpeting for most all of the Commercial and Residential projects.

Long term relationships with craftsman and workrooms ensure stunning results with a guarantee.

The company policy is about quality service and satisfaction regardless the scope of the project.